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Like any great angler, a writer is always looking for the perfect hook. The ability to immediately grab your reader, pique their interest, and keep them along for the ride takes a lot of practice. And even still, not every reader finds the same things interesting. So how do you come up with the perfect […]

2018 has begun. Only a few days in and I sit with a pile of goals, desires, and projects to come. I have also had a lot of time to reflect on what we did accomplish this year and what has all transpired. It was a journey of ups and downs with changes and crazy […]

Happy Yule! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! This holiday season has been incredibly busy and different. Spending time with family and doing our best to give time to all of our family. We will be back to regularly scheduled posts next week! I hope you have enjoyed your holiday!

That moment when the screen flashes ‘Star Wars’ and the scrolling text starts to float in space makes my heart pound. I have always had a special place in my heart for the Star Wars universe. From the original films to the games, to the following movies and entertainment. I love it all in some […]

    I want you to take a moment and think of your favorite television series. Or perhaps think about your favorite movie. Video game? Play? Book? Magazine? How about that witty website you like to visit? Now imagine all of those pieces of entertainment that you enjoy on a day to day basis and […]

I keep mentioning the craziness that November was. NaNoWriMo was more than just a journey of writing the minimum of 50k in 30 days. It was an event that was filled with friendship and discovery. One of the greatest discoveries that came from it was a place called The WatchTower Café in Salt Lake City […]

One of the challenges I faced during my NaNoWriMo project was the realization and execution of having the main character without a love interest or romantic entanglement. While I know it could be done, it is not something I had attempted previously and had rarely seen in mainstream fiction. Most of the time everyone has […]