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I have come to adore the daunting task of world building. Of course, with this enjoyment comes the slippery slope of obsession when it comes to the details I love to put into every corner of each world I build from scratch. Because of this, perhaps unhealthy, obsession I have found the sweet spot for […]

So far during the month of preptober, or promptober as I have nicknamed it, I have outlined over a dozen possible books. One of the twelve has stuck out to me enough to further my world building past the initial rough outline. Along with the general application of world building I have also taken on […]

Sometimes those of us who have been gifted with the beautifully written literature of our favorite authors cannot fathom the amount of hard work, sacrifice and loss of sanity that goes into what we read. Take a second and think about your favorite piece of literature. Imagine for a moment the environment of the main […]