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    There is a formula when it comes to the landscape of a relationship. Though it has changed over the ages the combination stays the same. Interest, courting, and if all goes well a final commitment. But what really happens after the happily ever after has scrolled by and the couple has to face […]

Like any great angler, a writer is always looking for the perfect hook. The ability to immediately grab your reader, pique their interest, and keep them along for the ride takes a lot of practice. And even still, not every reader finds the same things interesting. So how do you come up with the perfect […]

One of the challenges I faced during my NaNoWriMo project was the realization and execution of having the main character without a love interest or romantic entanglement. While I know it could be done, it is not something I had attempted previously and had rarely seen in mainstream fiction. Most of the time everyone has […]

November has ended and with it a lot of lessons have been learned. The experiment of attempting 50k in 30 days has been an interesting adventure. Next Wednesday I will expand further on the many challenges we faced and how we adapted to handle them. Today though I wanted to dive into the particulars of […]

I have always been a writer but I have not always been a part of the writing community. Perhaps it was a lack of desire to get to know strangers or maybe the fact that I lived in a remote part of the US where socializing was an hour drive minimum. No matter the reason […]

All Aboard! Here’s a list of the cheesiest motivational quotes ever! Just kidding!     No matter what task you are taking on, habit you are trying to break or routine you are attempting to establish, motivation is sometimes hard to come by. When you lose that wind in your sails you feel disheartened and […]

    We all have bad days. Sometimes we come home, see the mess we left from the morning or smell the stinky milk from the fridge and our mood sours with it. Suddenly, from car to home we find our mood shifting in the direction dictated by our environment. I believe we sometimes forget […]