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    There is a formula when it comes to the landscape of a relationship. Though it has changed over the ages the combination stays the same. Interest, courting, and if all goes well a final commitment. But what really happens after the happily ever after has scrolled by and the couple has to face […]

    I have always enjoyed getting to know the characters behind my stories. I have obsessed over their details in my mind for years. I had figured, after the criticism that I had received in the past, that utilizing a character profile, akin to something from my gaming history, was taboo and wrong. There […]

Writing realistic relationships is always a challenge. Back in February, I took a stab at helping other writers by posting a blog about how to write realistic relationships. It was a pretty successful post and has led to some interesting conversations between myself and some friends concerning the topic. During one of those many conversations, […]

Our lives are a series of experiences wrapped up into the package that is our personality. Reactions, quirks, favorites, dislikes, all of these are an abundance of multiple minute moments from the beginning of our life to the end that defines who and how we are as a person. For a character, this is no […]

Most parents go through dozens if not hundreds of names before settling on the perfect name for their little one. This method is no different than the painstaking process that writers go through when attempting to pick or invent a name for anything in their story. From attempting to make sure it fits a character’s […]

  The birth of communication across vast distances and the ability to become self-informed of near any topic you desire is both a blessing and a curse to a creative writer. Back in the day a writer could stretch the limits of a readers imagination and make far-fetched statements about things that were either not […]

Love and hate are divided by the thinnest line. Perhaps that is why we can love to hate and hate to love the great villains of our favorite stories. So many narcissistic, evil or twisted men and women have drawn us into their snare, only to leave us with that deep appreciation for the well-portrayed […]