Currently, the schedule and categories for Sy & Silent Jei’s posting is as follows:

Wednesday – Main Story Quest

Main Story Quest are stories of the writing experiences both Sy and Silent Jei have had. It will entail details about the journey we are taking while finishing our first novel. We will also be exploring different genres and sharing the roller coaster ride that comes with the life of a writer.

Friday – Topics to Talk About

Topics to Talk About are posts that surround relatable topics to both readers and writers alike. They can be as simple as a few writing tips to a full blown chart of some suggestions at how to handle a certain style or issue. All of these are either written from our personal experience, research or educated opinion on the matter.

Sunday – Sunday Side Quest

Sunday Side Quest is meant to be an off topic narrative or relatable story pertaining to our experiences. We try to make these fun and enjoyable or relevant to the current times. With no theme in mind, they are the most random of our weekly posts.

Not Scheduled – Reviews & Rambles

From a book review to a random ramble about a relevant topic, this category is utilized on off days to allow us the wiggle room to post things outside of our scheduled three days if we’d like.


If you have any questions or feedback concerning our current schedule or categories, please contact us under our About section.