Currently, the schedule and categories for Sy & Silent Jei’s posting is as follows:

Wednesday – Main Story Quest

Main Story Quest are stories of the writing experiences both Sy and Silent Jei have had. It will entail details about the journey we are taking while finishing our first novel. We will also be exploring different genres and sharing the roller coaster ride that comes with the life of a writer.

Friday – Tools, Tricks & Tips

Tools, Tricks & Tips are advice like columns usually narrative based with relation to the lessons we have learned or the tricks we’ve learned. They can be as simple as a few tips to a discussion on a writing technique. We would like to pass on what we’ve learned and fuel further talks on ways to better our writing community as a whole.

Sunday – Sunday Side Quest

Sunday Side Quest is meant to be an off topic narrative or relatable story pertaining to our experiences. We try to make these fun and enjoyable or relevant to the current times. With no theme in mind, they are the most random of our weekly posts.


If you have any questions or feedback concerning our current schedule or categories, please contact us under our About section.