Welcome to the wonderful adventures of Sy & Silent Jei! We are both so happy to have you here today. We are writers and creative storytellers who have spent the majority of our life drenched in the literary world.

Along with our love for literature, we are both avid gamers, nerds and lovers of anything that came out of the era of the geek. There is even old school love for tabletop games, Nintendo and 80’s movies.

While we come from two very different backgrounds, we came together after five years of friendship to a more dedicated marriage of our thoughts and hearts. (Insert oo’s and aw’s here)

Together we have written hundreds of pages of collaborative stories and exchanged a multitude of ideas.

Our Current Projects are Brain Scribbles: A Collection of Short Stories, The Twisted Worlds Short Stories and Book 1 of the Twisted World Series. More information about these works will follow soon!

Please enjoy our blog. While the majority of the posts are written by Sy, Silent Jei is always there contributing to the thoughts and content within. Together we make one heck of a team and hope you’ll drop us a line.

Happy writing, blogging and whatever nearest holiday there is!


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