Sunday Side Quest #34

We are apparently a glutton for punishment. Here we are again, not even a year from our last major move and we have decided to take on another relocation. We’re absolutely bonkers. We picked up the keys on Thursday and as of yesterday, we had all of our furniture in our new home.

What kind of funny happens when you move? A lot. There are so many things that can go wrong and with a large group of people gathering together for a purpose of doing physical labor, there is always a large risk that things will just go completely sideways. To our surprise, we ended up with one of the smoothest moves I’ve ever witnessed. With a total of 13 people to move our items from a storage unit into a ground floor apartment, it was probably the easiest move ever. Everyone pulled their weight. From people helping assemble furniture that had been torn down to those carrying and maneuvering the over 8-foot long couch into our apartment. It was just awesome.

What we didn’t expect was to run into the most frustrating part near the end. Nearly everyone had left. The apartment had its furniture and boxes and we were just shocked at how fast it had gone. Wanting to make sure that we got all the heavy lifting out the way we turned our attention towards our TV. We wanted to get it set up so that Jei, who is now on night shift schedule, could enjoy his shows while he was staying up through the night on a day off.

We open the box, thinking that we had packed it supremely well with all its bits and bobs for assembly. The box is pulled away and we are missing the legs to stand the TV up! Panic slightly ensues as we had not intended on mounting the TV on the wall due to it being an apartment and while we had a wall mount we did not want to use it. The nicely sorted boxes all around the back room were now being torn apart and looked through while the stragglers of our group of great movers waited on us. Of course, I finally just said fine, we can wall mount it and just fix the damage later. Good solution right?

Nope. The wall that is pretty much the ONLY wall we want the TV has metal beams instead of wooden studs. Not to mention that we also realized that the remote control we HAD found is not the one to our TV. We seem to be out of luck and staring down the barrel of no TV for the night. Funny how we become so dependent on those electronic things right? We finally call it and go out to grab something to eat, trying our best to stop thinking about the missing feet and the lack of TV.

Of course, it just was like an itch we had to scratch. So when we got home we both spent our time trying to think and search yet again through the boxes to find the dang legs. We even went back over to my parent’s house where we thought we may have left them at one point. We find nothing.

Midnight is crawling closer and we are exhausted, the move was draining and we are both frazzled. Jei comes out triumphant as he holds up the remote. I wake up enough to go ‘yay’ then ask him if he found the feet and get a resounding no. I grump and say “I swear I put the dang legs in the top of the box before we closed it up!” Jei gives me this look as if something just dawned on him. He goes to grab the box that was on top of the TV and lifts it away again and looks up. LOW AND BEHOLD THE DANG LEGS ARE IN THE TOP STYROFOAM! All we could do was just laugh at our stupidity. Man, moving does a number on you!

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