Happy 1 Year Blogiversary!

365 Days

107 Blog Posts

12 Months

…and a lot of ups and downs.

That is the story of Sy & Jei’s Writing Adventures.

It has been a fun ride and thus far I have had a love hate relationship with maintaining this blog through the year. There were multiple points and time when I was struggling with my life along with my writing that I wanted to throw in the towel. But now, looking back after a year with all I’ve learned, I know it was worth the sweat and tears to push through.

It all started out of a desire to get Jei and I out there somehow. It was a leap of faith in an attempt to make something of the many years we had spent scribbling words on paper back and forth. I wanted our art to go somewhere besides the archives of our saved files. Of course in my usual fashion I went to the net and began to dive into all of the articles of advice I could find, good or bad, about how to create a proper blog. I wanted to be an expert before I even published a word online.

And of course, I promptly failed. I had no idea what I was doing. I was trying too hard to hide behind the mimic of proper words. The first few of my posts were not very successful and the only attention I managed were from those who had been friends long before I took on this ambitious project. I wrestled with the fear of my own personality. I was so worried that if I let loose the quirky person you see before you, my blog would immediately fail. It was actually quite the opposite. As I grew more confident through interactions on twitter, facebook, and a few other online places, I realized that my personality was part of the charm. Those that would stick around to read my blog were actually enjoying my written voice and persona.

It was after that realization that I got to a point that I wanted to simply write my blog for me. To share my ideas, thoughts and what Jei or I had learned along the way. My formal voice went out the window and my posts became more organic and fun to write. Was it always easy? No. I still write 2 to 3 drafts before I decide on a final product to share. But I have come to love writing my blog. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new topics and ways to share our current thoughts. It has become incredibly important to me. I am so attached that even when I sway from my regular schedule due to the chaos of my life, I can always find a way back once everything settles down.

This journey has allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to strike out on my own, outside of my comfort zone of collaborations and write the first draft of a novel. I succeeded in NaNoWriMo, Jei and I both. I put down a story I desired to tell and am now working on a revision. If you asked me a year ago if I’d have a drafted novel and be where I am now, I’d think you were nuts. But here I am.

So many conversations have been sparked because of this blog. So many friends have been made. So many new ideas, topics and creative thoughts have come forth in the name of delivering a blog with purpose. It has pushed me to be better as a writer and as a person. It has helped me be more candid and real and has buoyed me during some of the roughest seas of this past year. The hard work that Jei and I have put into this blog, both by brainstorm and writing, has brought out a new person in both of us and we couldn’t be happier.

So happy Blogiversary you awesome people. Thank you to those who have stuck with us and those who have just found us. I promise this coming year will be even better and we will enjoy the journey together.

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