Sunday Side Quest #32

Bujo 2018 Cover

I’ve mentioned before my obsession with notebooks. I have a stack of both blank and filled in my possession. While I love keeping notes, that does not necessarily mean that my method has or is always is the best way to keep my life organized. I have tried a few things. From using a Franklin planner in my younger years to buying pre-formatted planners. While all of them have worked to one degree or another, I found myself intrigued by a fad that I had no clue existed. Bullet Journals.

One of my writer buddies introduced me to it when she showed me her version of bullet journaling. I was so intrigued that I began researching into what it was and how to make one. I first found the original system that was created. I realized after watching the original video that explained the system that the whole thing could be customized however I wanted it to be while still covering what I needed to keep track of.

I dug deep into youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google to find a plethora of ideas. While at first, it was slightly overwhelming, I realized that I could pick and choose. No one way was the correct way to create a bullet journal. Some people didn’t draw in them, instead, they did stencils or cutouts. Others made It with a six-month section in mind, while others mark it out for a year. The options were limitless.

BuJo 1

I decided, after all of my research, to make two journals. One for my writing and another for my everyday tasks. I chose a different format for each one. The writing journal focused on my writing and blog logging along with room for creative notes. My get things done journal was outlined to focus on watching my food, exercise, spending, and chores along with helping me keep track of upcoming appointments.

Bujo Mar

I also had some fun creating the month cover pages with my artistic interpretation and have enjoyed choosing the different lists I would keep for either journal. You can see some of my fun doodles here.

Bujo Apr 1I am really enjoying the use of these journals and look forward to utilizing them over the year to help keep me both productive and on point with my goals. If you’ve never heard of it, I’d say take a moment to check it out and see what you think. Who knows! You may become as intrigued as I am!

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