Happy New Writing Year!


2018 has begun. Only a few days in and I sit with a pile of goals, desires, and projects to come. I have also had a lot of time to reflect on what we did accomplish this year and what has all transpired. It was a journey of ups and downs with changes and crazy different experiences that have been both good and bad. As I look back on the year I find myself proud of what I accomplished in the span of time I did. From cracking over 300k in words for the year, keeping up on a blog and not giving into my anxiety to quit, along with the accomplishment of breaking over 100k in just one month for NaNoWriMo. I have a lot to be proud of, grateful for and to look back on and take lessons from. With each passing day, each project and experience I grow as a writer and find myself excited to take on the next crazy thing.

Jei and I sat down the other day, right before the bevy of new years prep and party to discuss our goals for next year and the projects we want to work on. The goals we have together is to take another stab at our Twisted Worlds narrative together. Finish creating two other worlds we began in 2017 and try our best to keep up with the goal of writing every day.

For my own personal goals, I am looking to attempt to make it to 500k by the end of the year. I’d like to finish and get my Broken Covenant book out there to be queried by mid-year. I have another project in mind as well that I’d like to take a stab at which may actually be more romance leaning (not my usual, but should be fun). I’d also like to keep up on my blog as much as possible, prepping each month like I did a few times before. I would also like to challenge myself to keep in touch with other writers despite my bouts of feeling antisocial.

Jei, on the other hand, would love to break 350k for the year. He’d also like to finish up his Real Body Blues story and get it to the point it can be queried as well. Along with this, he mentioned that he wanted to get more books in for reading and tackle another unknown project on his own at some point and time this coming year.
I think that having goals, setting them and doing your best to keep them in your mind’s eye will help keep you going. It can be intimidating. But I have to say, we’re already 3 days in and I am just excited to see how this year goes. Even if it has some ups and downs, I am ready for this roller coaster!

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