Sunday Side Quest #30

Star Wars Logo 2

That moment when the screen flashes ‘Star Wars’ and the scrolling text starts to float in space makes my heart pound. I have always had a special place in my heart for the Star Wars universe. From the original films to the games, to the following movies and entertainment. I love it all in some capacity. It is especially dear to my heart because of the shared love that Jei and I have for Star Wars.

While I could start going on and on about the good, the bad, and the interesting concerning the latest installment of the universe, I decided instead to focus on what Star Wars has given both of us and what it gives all of us. Like for example. If it wasn’t for Star Wars and the release of the MMO by BioWare known as Star Wars: The Old Republic, I never would have met Jei. I know, I know. Sounds both cheesy and odd to have met someone through a video game, but our story was not exactly one where we were seeking romance but found one another by accident instead. We had a love of the universe and began working on co-written fan pieces. This led, years later, to pursuing a relationship and the great fun loving romance we have now. All because Star Wars: The Old Republic was made and two souls who had a love for the universe and story found one another.

That’s really how I see Star Wars. It is something that brings generations together. Think for a moment about the history of just the movies. At least three different generations have enjoyed the release of movies that tell the epic saga of the rebels and empire. Are they all the same? No. But they all involve the universe that was built from the ground up years ago.

Perhaps that’s why I love any film that comes out. Do I love every aspect of it? No. Some stuff just isn’t for me. But I know that the universe itself has given me joy, prodded at my imagination, and given me a glimpse into a vast universe that has stuck with me. So, no matter your opinion of the current film or those that have come before, cherish the memories of the great times you had while enjoying the plethora of entertainment that has spawned from the telling of a Jedi Knight.

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