NaNoWriMo – Update FINAL

NaNo Symbol

It’s the END of the world as we know it! It’s the end of the month as we know it! One more day and everything is on fire! But we’re excited to have given this a try. Let’s see where we landed and if we can make it to tomorrow with 50k!

Sy’s NaNo Project
Genre: Fantasy (Dark Fantasy)
Working Title: The Broken Covenant
Main Character: A Mage-Priest named Corith
2 Sentence Pitch: A young mage struggles with a society torn asunder by the horrors of unnatural magic. Taught to care for the less fortunate, he must choose between the common man and those who would line the path to the crown with their bones.

Word Count: 105,376
Favorite Line: “He is the reason why our people suffer!” Tristek turned to snap at her. This time she did not cower. Instead, she took a step towards him.

“No, Tristek. It is our ancestor’s foolish devotion to a twisted art that should have died with them that led them into the misery they now belong in.” She kept going despite that Tristek looked ready to interrupt her. “Yes. Belong in. We brought it on ourselves! And yet they blame everyone else!”
Thoughts thus Far: This has been such an adventure. I have truly enjoyed the challenge. While my book still has probably another 30-40k before it is at its end, I am happy to see that I met my goal of 100k days before the end of NaNoWriMo. It has given me a new appreciation and view on writing and the hard work it takes to keep going. Can’t wait to do it next year. And I will continue on writing every day so help me!
Highest Day: 4148
Lowest Day: 1300

Jei’s NaNo Project
Genre: Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk)
Working Title: Real Body Blues
Main Character: Former Thief turned Assassin
2 Sentence Pitch: After botching the score of a lifetime and winding up in another man’s body, a thief finds himself on the run from his former employer that wants his head, a faceless assassin that always finds their target and what seems like half the city’s criminal element. Struggling to come to grips with his new identity, he just wants to make it out alive and maybe make a pile of credits along the way.

Word Count: 50053
Favorite Line: “Sorry Cole, but while my programming would certainly allow for simulated intimacy, I’m afraid I just don’t know you well enough yet.”
Thoughts thus Far: 50k with two days to spare. Looking back on it, I find it difficult to believe that I’ve written consistently every day. Could I have written more? Absolutely. Do I regret not writing more? Eh, I’m not sure. I think if I had pushed myself harder, I doubt I would have kept at it. Keeping my own pace has been an interesting exercise in motivation. Write a few thousand words and you can go back to reading that book. Just finish this scene and you can poke at youtube videos for a while. Etc.

All in all it’s given me a new appreciation to my creative side, and I look forward to finishing the book I’ve started and then moving on to the one after that.
Highest Day: 2310
Lowest Day: 1023

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