Sunday Side Quest #27


Picture by Sharon

While I know I have missed quite a few of my Sunday Side Quests due to the sheer amount of work that NaNoWriMo has taken, I wanted to stop a moment and just put out this quick post.


Last week was Thanksgiving and due to a sudden change in our situation, Jei and I were unable to travel to Texas to visit his parents. While we were both heartbroken about it, our family stepped in to make sure that we still had a decent holiday.

Now I know, there is a lot of back and forth about loving or hating thanksgiving. A lot of irritation at the family gatherings and the stress about cooking. But one thing that I will always enjoy about Thanksgiving is the way it makes me think about all I have and the blessings of life around me.

So instead of going on and on about the holiday itself, I’d like to just take a moment to say that I am incredibly grateful for my family, all parts of them. You may drive me crazy and I may do the same to you sometimes. But we have gone through thick and thin together.

I am ever grateful for my friends and the way that they stick by me and have put up with my crazy at times.

I am incredibly grateful for Jei and the sanctuary he has given me after years of heartache.

I am happy and thankful to have the life I have even with the trials and tribulations it comes with.

I hope that you have all enjoyed your holiday, visit with your family and through the stress of it all can still appreciate what you have no matter if its Thanksgiving or any other random day of the week.


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