NaNoWriMo – Update #3

NaNo Symbol

We’ve made it 3 weeks! Don’t panic…DON’T PANIC! Our pants may be on our head but we’re determined to do this!

Sy’s NaNo Project
Genre: Fantasy (Dark Fantasy)
Working Title: The Broken Covenant
Main Character: A Mage-Priest named Corith
2 Sentence Pitch: A young mage struggles with a society torn asunder by the horrors of unnatural magic. Taught to care for the less fortunate, he must choose between the common man and those who would line the path to the crown with their bones.

Word Count: 88,722
Favorite Line“Hundreds. Of Pages. Hundreds, Yudar. I have read through hundreds, perhaps thousands of pages. Long before you came into this equation. I was waist deep in the filth of archives and questions before you could utter your first complaint! I have put hours upon hours of work into both this ritual and the report we are building. Do you THINK for one godforsaken second that you complaining or whining about how we are not going fast enough or there is not enough blood on the streets is going to HELP?!” His voice rose an octave as he stepped forward towards Yudar who stood stunned.

Thoughts thus Far: This last week has been both great and horrid. I got myself stuck on a section that just kept spinning for 3 days. On top of not feeling well for a couple of days I was surprised I got anything done. I can see the finish line of 100k and hope I can get there.
Highest Day: Day 19 – 6908
Lowest Day: Day 21 – 746

Jei’s NaNo Project
Genre: Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk)
Working Title: Real Body Blues
Main Character: Former Thief turned Assassin
2 Sentence Pitch: After botching the score of a lifetime and winding up in another man’s body, a thief finds himself on the run from his former employer that wants his head, a faceless assassin that always finds their target and what seems like half the city’s criminal element. Struggling to come to grips with his new identity, he just wants to make it out alive and maybe make a pile of credits along the way.

Word Count: 40,038
Favorite Line:“I don’t even know who you are!”

Vincent’s impassive mask cracked for but a heartbeat, but in that moment, Cole saw what that impropriety had cost him. “Yes, and for my lack of manners I must apologize, but at the time I did not know how this conversation would play out.”
Thoughts thus Far: Week three.  Hard to believe that I’m 40k into this and the end is in sight.  They say it takes only three weeks to pick up a habit, and I must admit that it seems true as writing comes more easily to me now by far.  It also puts things into perspective as to how much work authors put into their craft.  Thinking about it is both daunting and inspiring all at once, and I find myself eager to continue on past the 50k mark till the story is finished.  Good or ill, I can say then that I’ve written a book, and then get started on the next.
Highest Day: 3071
Lowest Day: 1638

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