NaNoWriMo – Update #2

NaNo Symbol

We’ve made it 2 weeks! It’s the midway point, we’ve made it halfway! Woot! Now just to keep hold of our heads and hats for the rest of the journey!

Sy’s NaNo Project
Genre: Fantasy (Dark Fantasy)

Working Title: The Broken Covenant

Main Character: A Mage-Priest named Corith

2 Sentence Pitch: A young mage struggles with a society torn asunder by the horrors of unnatural magic. Taught to care for the less fortunate, he must choose between the common man and those who would line the path to the crown with their bones.

Word Count: 66,391

Favorite Line: Of course the fat old man was fumbling with the keys and dropped them. Liana reached out and snatched them. “Thank you.”

“But I-“ Lucky didn’t even give him a moment to speak, instead she just shoved a blade straight into his neck and let him fall backward. She amused herself with the thought that if he had been turned he would have bounced with that round of a belly.

“Woman. We might have used him.” Khati complained as he wiped off his blade.

“For what? Provisions? Too fatty.” She teased as she worked the lock.

“That is just a foul…foul thought.” Khati made a face of disgust as he watched her work.

Thoughts thus Far: On my 11th day, I hit the 50k. While it has been a challenge and I have struggled with some parts, I was honestly surprised when I crossed the technical finish line so early. Because of this, I have set myself up with a new goal of 100k instead of just 50, hoping to challenge myself further and finish telling the story. The largest challenge now has been sorting through my stuff. Attempting to figure out what scenes need to be going where and what connectors I’m missing. But I finally have found the voice of nearly all my characters.

Highest Day: Day 9: 10,204

Lowest Day: Day 12: 906

Jei’s NaNo Project
Genre: Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk)

Working Title: Real Body Blues

Main Character: Former Thief turned Assassin

2 Sentence Pitch: After botching the score of a lifetime and winding up in another man’s body, a thief finds himself on the run from his former employer that wants his head, a faceless assassin that always finds their target and what seems like half the city’s criminal element. Struggling to come to grips with his new identity, he just wants to make it out alive and maybe make a pile of credits along the way.

Word Count: 29,317

Favorite Line: Vincent felt the cold weight of purpose and finality of action settle over him with utter stillness. The gun did not waver. Nor did his resolve. “Don’t.” He said the word simply, flat and devoid of emotion.

Thoughts thus Far: Nearing the halfway point, I find that my reservations are starting to fall away. Getting closer to 30k and realizing that I am ahead of the curve for the month is a much-needed boost to my confidence. I can’t remember ever having written every day for such a long period as this, and I’m excited to see if I can make it into a lasting habit that carries on past November.

Highest Day: 4281

Lowest Day: 684

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