NaNoWriMo – Update #1

NaNo Symbol

We’ve made it a week! Let’s see how we’re both doing. Sanity is still intact thus far!

Sy’s NaNo Project
Genre: Fantasy (Dark Fantasy)
Working Title: The Broken Covenant
Main Character: A Mage-Priest named Corith
2 Sentence Pitch: A young mage struggles with a society torn asunder by the horrors of unnatural magic. Taught to care for the less fortunate, he must choose between the common man and those who would line the path to the crown with their bones.

Word Count: 31,373
Favorite Line: The extended hand was taken into a firm handshake by Corith who  began to bumble out his words. “Nice to meet you as well. You are Yudar, get it? You are sounds like Yudar?” The incredibly dumb joke fell flat as both Morden and Yudar looked at one another then back to Corith in utter disbelief and confusion. Corith cleared his throat, apparently the joke was only funny to him. “Uhm. And I’m Corith. No joke there, promise.”
Thoughts thus Far: What in the utter crap did I get myself into?! This has been a hard but interesting journey. I came out the gate fast and strong with over 7k in the first day. Scenes were flowing and ideas just were non-stop. Then on day 5 and 6 I hit that road bump where I hate everything about my book. When I finally pinned down that it was due to my MC’s voice, I was able to fix it and get right back on the horse. But MAN this has been hard!
Highest Day: Day 1: 7604
Lowest Day: Day 4: 2587

Jei’s NaNo Project
Genre: Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk)
Working Title: Real Body Blues
Main Character: Former Thief turned Assassin
2 Sentence Pitch: After botching the score of a lifetime and winding up in another man’s body, a thief finds himself on the run from his former employer that wants his head, a faceless assassin that always finds their target and what seems like half the city’s criminal element. Struggling to come to grips with his new identity, he just wants to make it out alive and maybe make a pile of credits along the way.

Word Count: 16,929
Favorite Line: Places like these were the new wild lands, jungles of concrete and glass where each one of the unfortunates instinctively understood that the laws of the wild applied; the predators that stalked the night could pick off the slow or lame from the herds with complete impunity.
Thoughts thus Far: Having gone into this whole Nanowrimo thing with next to no prep, I find myself occasionally stumbling here and there as I struggle to piece together a story from all of the disjointed scenes I’ve written. I imagine that the whole process would have been easier if I had gone into this with a plan, or at the very least more than a five-word catchphrase to start with. Now at the end of the first week, I’m finding that it’s not been the terrible struggle I imagined it would be. I am genuinely looking forward to see what I end up with at the end of the month after I’ve hit my 50k words.
Highest Day: 3342
Lowest Day: 1642

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Update #1

  1. Both of you seem to be doing quite well, despite the troubles you have encountered. Well done!

    Sy: 7604 words in one day is awesome! That’s an achievement on its own! But it is great that you were able to work out what was bothering you with your story.

    Jei: Sure, it would have been easier if you went into NaNo with a more detailed plan, but easier is not necessarily better. You’ve created an additional challenge (on top of the 50k word challenge) and it sounds exciting.

    Good luck to you both!

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