Monday Monthly Mop-up – Oct


Welcome to Monday Monthly Mop-up where we take a quick moment to look back on the last month’s highlights and give you a sneak peek into what is to come.

October Highlights

  • Sy & Silent Jei broke 400 followers
  • Most Popular Post: Dusting off the Manuscript
  • Most Popular Tweet: He wrapped himself in the anonymity of the shadows that filled the alley, ruined shotgun tucked under his jacket once again. #fri1st #WIP

Over the past month, 11 blog posts have been made

  1. Sunday Side Quest (#24) – Mistress of Notebooks! My claimed title
  2. Promptober – A little exercise for myself, jei & my sister to prep for NaNo
  3. Sy & Jei’s Five Writing Tips (#3) – Third installment of Sy & Jei’s tips
  4. Sunday Side Quest #25 – Words have Power. Use them Wisely!
  5. My First Writing Conference– My thoughts on the LUW Fall Conference
  6. Creating Magic – World building magic systems and our method
  7. Dabbling in Dabble – A review on the new writing program Dabble
  8. Outlining?! – Finding my perfect match of an outlining method
  9. NaNoWriMo Prep Time! – My method of prepping for November
  10. Character Profiling – Creating a character bible and profile form, my way.
  11. Happy Halloween!– Happy Hallowversary! Our anniversary & halloween weekend

To Our Readers

  • We are still open to topic suggestions, author and book recommendations as well. Leave us a note here.
  • Due to a lot of the posts falling under Character Creation or World building, we will be adding a drop-down menu on the front page to allow you to go to the group of posts instead of having to seek them out individually.
  • We have added the twitter feed on the side of the page for those of you who want to keep up with my natterings but don’t want to hop onto Twitter.

Next Month

We have a great lineup for next month with a more in-depth look at how I world build using our drill-down method. There will also be a post about creating your own writer’s haven, staying motivated and what kind of toxic personalities exist in the writing community along with how to handle or avoid them. We will also have a weekly update as to how Jei and I are doing on our NaNo writing for the month.

Thank you to…

The NaNoWriMo Community has been a great influence and help this month. Along with that, the League of Utah Writers has been an amazing organization to belong to and learn from. I’d also like to thank all of my followers and twitter friends. You guys are the best and make my day a little brighter.

February Friends

Below a few great writers/supporters and links to their blog/website. Please check them out! Show some love.

Bryan Young – A fellow League of Utah Writer’s buddy, Brian keeps a pretty interesting blog and has a great selection of some great stories you can pick up here. You can check his blog out here.

Rebecca Winters-King – A fellow NaNo friend who has helped me with my character profiling situation. Helps that she’s just a plain cool person. Check out her blog here.

Kim McGreal – I love talking to Kim, they are very fun and enjoyable when it comes to chatting about anything writing related. While her page is not a blog, you can still hang out or see what she’s up to here on her page.

Evelyn Haddock – A fellow writer and great twitter friend, Evelyn produces some great blog posts that I follow myself. Check her out here.

Annicka Rietveld – A fun personality paired with some great writing chops, I love reading Annicka’s blog and tweets and look forward to her holiday story coming out in November. You can check her out here.


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