Dabbling in Dabble

Dabble FrontAs many of my friends and peers know, I am a mistress of notebooks. I love the feel of pen to paper and tend to keep my tradition of writing in binders and books when it comes to creative work. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have said how much I hate attempting to organize my notes in a word doc. I am a very hard person to convert when it comes to computer-based organizing items. I mean, it took nearly three years of being forced to use OneNote at work before I finally succumbed to its usefulness and began to use it at home.

People have tried to sell me on the idea of other software out there that was said to be revolutionary for organizing a book or screenplay. And while I have given a few of them the old college try, I tend to uninstall or unsubscribe after only a few days of frustration, boredom or anger at the discombobulated format. If I’m completely honest, I was pretty sure I was going to have the same problem with the new program known as Dabble I decided to try.

To my surprise, the past few weeks have been far from a headache. I have found myself incredibly happy with the program. As I’ve been using it I wrote down some Pros and Cons that I’d like to share with you.

PROS – These are just my own personal opinions at what I’ve seen thus far.

Very Customizable – You can add so many items and name them whatever you’d like. You can shift around the order and make it look however you want with the click of a button. This has got to be my favorite feature.

Add New

Automatic Backup, Cloud & Web App – Along with the downloadable program for your desktop, there is a cloud that backups all of your work and makes it accessible by the web app that you can log into anywhere. This makes It easy to pull it up on any computer. Never having to worry about losing your work is awesome as well.


Multiple Books, Separate Scenes, Individual Parts – Being able to add the second book in a series into the same project is a great tool. It also has a way to separate and shift around scenes in your chapters along with work on individual parts of your novel all while being able to juggle them around in whatever order you want. Makes it easier to go on that tangent inspiration that hits you.


Easy & Exportable – Easy to use with its fade away menu feature when you are typing, the ability to make new novels with a click of the button and exportable to word if you like!

Quality Support – As I was poking at the application I found a small issue and decided to contact support. Near immediately I got a response and had an interactive conversation with the developer asking for more information and talking to me to make sure he could handle the situation. I was very impressed.


CONS – Honestly I don’t have a lot of cons. Mostly just a few features I’d love to see. A lot of them the developer already has on his docket.

Text Colors, Images & Character Profiles – Having the ability to change text color would help with organizing writing, images attached would help with inspiration or reference and character profiles would also be awesome. Two out of the three of these items are already on the list of possible upgrades coming down the line.

Sizing the Menu Bar & Mobile Plot Cards – Being able to size the left side menu bar would be helpful for seeing the named sections easier, a minor thing but still something I’d prefer. Having the capability to move the plot cards outside of their individual plotline would allow for more flexibility when trying to organize.

Minor Glitches – With it being so newly released some minor glitches are expected. The only two I have run into is an issue where the notes page sometimes moves to the next line without pressing enter. (Already reported and looked into!) And on touch screen computers or tablets, the scroll feature doesn’t always work. Both issues are tolerable and I’m sure on the way out!


Overall, I am really enjoying using this program and while I know that everyone has different preferences of how they organize their novels, I would highly recommend giving it a go. Currently, there is a free trial through NaNoWriMo! Check it out here.

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