Sunday Side Quest #25

Words Have Power

I really wish that I could keep a little editor in my pocket. Not just because I would love to have someone fix my writing here and there, but more because sometimes I feel as if I wouldn’t fall flat on my face when I say certain things if I had an editor to run it past first.

I have, like any other human, said things I did not mean out of frustration, anger or impatience. The moment those words left my mouth I knew that the harm they might do will never be completely undone. No amount of apologizing, begging or attempting to soothe the person I had hurt will ever be enough to make those words disappear completely.

As we grow and time passes by, the words and phrases that once wounded us so deeply fade away to a distant memory with only the sharpest of stings left to haunt us. I can still recall some of those distant memories standing out as bright as they did that day with the words perfectly recalled changing my view or shaking my core.

Words have power. They can bring distraction, destruction or anguish. They can express love or hate. In a single phrase, you can cause tears or laughter. With the stroke of the keys or the pen, you can make your voice heard across distances. A very simple click of ‘share’ or ‘send’ can bring sorrow or joy. Our words are everywhere and they have power.

Power comes with a responsibility. It comes with an obligation to use the gift of our words to better the world. Keep an imaginary editor in the back of your mind as you go to speak, write or post. Ask yourself what kind of lasting effect will my words have? Will the person I am speaking to or reaching be harmed or helped by this? Will it add to the joy and goodness in the world or will it only add to the hate too frequently found?

Words have power.

Use it wisely.

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