Sy & Jei’s Five Writing Tips (#3)


Our third installment of Writing Tips from what Jei and I have taken away from our experience or research.

#1 Always be Working on your next Project

While it is important to finish your current work, don’t let it bog you down or make you obsessive over that one egg in your basket. You should always be improving and working on new projects to keep your creativity flowing and your portfolio growing. I would also recommend avoiding work on a sequel to your recent project just to give you that breather.

#2 Make a proper space for yourself to create

We sometimes do not realize how much our environment can affect our efficiency and creativity. Being in a busy distracting room can hamper your ability to think, just like being in a quiet room with no mood music can keep you from achieving your potential productivity.  Of course, what may work for one person may not work for another. A writer’s space should be individualized and filled with what helps them create, process and achieve their goals.

#3 Take a Break if you need it

I learned this the hard way recently. Sometimes life really knocks you down and your creativity or ability to function is put out to pasture. Recently I lost both of my grandparents, went through a move, medical issues and other adjustments that simply bogged down my ability to think clearly. Unfortunately, my social media presence, blogging and other relationships suffered due to these obstacles. Though I was embarrassed about my failings, I had to realize that at that time it was simply right for me to take a step back and focus on getting my life back in order. While I am by no means saying give up, it is essential to step away temporarily to let yourself heal or regroup.

#4 Support your writer community

As mentioned in my post about finding new writer friends, I have been recently trying to reach out to my direct community to find people that I can relate to and converse with. Along with my local community, I have been attempting to rekindle and grow friendships with other writers online. I can honestly say that one of the biggest things that have kept me going through the rocky road lately has been the kindness of my fellow writers online and off. It has shown me that we are in this together and we all need support and companionship in this crazy up and down life that is the journey as a writer.

#5 Be Honest and Realistic with Yourself

This is by far one of the hardest but most essential things that I have had to constantly remind myself to do. Be honest with yourself about the limitations of your time, talent and control. There are so many things out of our direct control that can affect our writing or publishing that we need to be adaptable and reasonable when we come up against these obstacles. Don’t be afraid to change your initial plan and be sure you take care of yourself on every level; physical, mental and emotional.


What kind of tips or tricks do you employ? Do you use any of the above? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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