Promptober Fixed

As the leaves turn many look forward to the cooler weather and the following gift-giving holiday that is just around the corner. Writers, on the other hand, have something else to look forward to; National Novel Writing Month or more commonly called NaNoWriMo. I have found myself brimming with both excitement and dread as I prepare to take on the massive task of 50,000 words in just 30 days.

With this excitement and a head for planning, I began to devise a plan to help me handle this heavy load through November. Taking inspiration of Jei and I’s original Writing of the Day exercises I plotted out 31 day’s worth of prompts and pictures to use as inspiration for either short stories or book outlines. I tried my best to find some variety in the images, ranging from happy go lucky to dark and dreary I made sure to vary them enough to guarantee that no one day would be the same as another.

Of course, per usual, I shared the project with Jei for a second opinion. While we do usually write together, I had intended to take on this project and NaNoWriMo on my own. To my surprise despite my insistence that he had no obligation to follow me down the rabbit hole of pictures, prompts and pages of notes or story, he agreed to match my commitment with his own daily writings.

The name “Promptober” did not come until my sister, after discussing with her our intentions for October, agreed to join us in the task and coined the name. Loving the silly title I added it to our shared documents and got to work on making sure that the prompts and pictures would be able to be understood and accepted by all three of us. To my surprise, after only one day of participation, my sister passed on the idea to her group of friends and has roped them into giving it a try as well. Funny how a little nudge can inspire people to get creative.

While this is by no means some kind of official event, I encourage my readers to challenge themselves with prompts or pictures this month. Take a tour of Pinterest or google images and find a few that call to you and get creating!

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