September – Monday Monthly Mop-up


Welcome to Monday Monthly Mop-up where we take a quick moment to look back on the last month’s highlights and give you a sneak peek into what is to come. This mop-up will include September.

June & July Highlights

  • Sy & Silent Jei broke 300 followers
  • Most Popular September Post: Making New Friends in Writing
  • Most Popular September Tweet: There was no finesse in his assault, almost as if he relied upon brute strength and anger alone to fuel his attacks.

Over the past month, 12 blog posts have been made

  1. Genre Does Not Matter – A look at the restrictions of genre.
  2. Sunday Side Quest (#20) – Shakespeare festival!
  3. S&J’s Writing Snippets (#1) – Story of the White Mask, Flash Fiction
  4. The Impending Doom of Books – The Fate of Libraries & Old Bookstores
  5. Sunday Side Quest (#21) – Midnight Texas TV Show review
  6. Making New Friends in Writing – Finding Writing Communities
  7. History Becomes Us – A Character’s History is Important
  8. Sunday Side Quest (#22) – A Trip to Logan UT and the Blue Bird
  9. S&J’s Writing Snippets (#2) – Story of The Winter Court
  10. Sunday Side Quest (#23) – Salt Lake City Comic Con!
  11. Lessons Learned from Authors – Insights from a recent panel with authors.
  12. Realistic Romance: Types of Relationships – Another glance at realistic romance

To Our Readers

  • Our posting schedule is posted here.
  • We have cleaned up the topics to only consist of four.
    • Main Story Quest
    • Topics to Talk About
    • Sunday Side Quest

Next Month

We hope to touch on topics such as NaNoWriMo, Writing Magic in Fantasy, More Writing tips and a few other topics on the docket. If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed or a revisit/expansion on a previous post please hit us up either in the comments below or through the contact form here.

Thank you to…

A big thank you to all of those that subscribe to this blog. Also, a thank you to those that participate in and support us on twitter!

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