Sunday Side Quest (#24)

Mistress of NotebooksWe all have our obsessions or vices. From loving a color too much or maybe just decorating our lives with cute images of cats, we all have those niches of need that people look at and just go ‘yep, that’s their thing.’ I am no different. People know me as the lover of all thing notebook shaped. The above picture gives you a small glimpse into my collection.

It all started when I was an absent-minded child and my mother had given me the suggestion to write things down to help me remember. Of course, as a kid, we always think our parents have no idea what they are talking about and we know best, but as time goes on we always find the opposite to be true. I began, probably a little too late in my life, to actually keep a small notebook around at all times. It started with those little pocket sized flip ones that you could get for ten cents at the dollar store. I’d keep them in my pocket, my purse, anywhere else.

It wasn’t until I started to really dig into writing and doing my actual homework (rebellious sort of child I was) did I upgrade myself from the small little things to a more handheld three-ring binder type of notebook. I started to hoard them and separate them by color. Red was for my creative items, blue was for science class, green was for math, etc. The organizational brain that had somehow been installed upon my birth was starting to finally boot up.

My love of notebooks and notes did not stop after school though. I’d keep a notebook next to my desk at work, my desk at home and I even began to carry around books in my purse so I’d always have a piece of paper and a pen to write.

While some would say to me, get a phone and type it in or a tablet and use a stylus it was never the same. I had to have the tactile feeling of pen on paper and the ability to cross out or crumble up to do lists after they were done. I also found that my memory and absent mindedness was less present when I would take the time to write it down.

Now it has become an inside joke and a perfect present to get me when nothing else will do. I still organize them per subject but now it’s blog notes, book notes, art notes, jewelry notes, to do lists and a sundry of a bunch of other topics I find a use for when it comes to my notebooks.

I am the Mistress of Notebooks and I’d have it no other way!


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