Sunday Side Quest (#23)

This weekend I got to enjoy my first ever Comic Con in Salt Lake City. From Thursday afternoon to Saturday night I got to experience the people watching, the celebrity spotting and the giddy feeling of meeting a few authors I admire. It was an absolute blast.

One of the greatest things I got to experience was meeting the authors Jim Butcher, Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman, Jody Lynn Myers, David Farland, V.E. Schwabb and Michael A. Stackpole.  Not to mention getting to hear their feedback and wisdom at their panels.

But I have to say one of my FAVORITE things I got to see are some of the amazing costumes that people came up with. They were from all sorts of genres! I am going to bombard you with my small collection that I was able to take.

I saw some great TV Show & Movie fan cosplay that was just magnificant! My favorite is the accidental Ood picture where I caught accidently when the player was coming towards me.


And then there were some great comic book and game interpretations there as well that I loved! Some great homages to the classics and new. I was super excited to see Horizon Zero Dawn!

And last but not least! Some of the crossover and clever ones that I caught wandering around in great outfits.

Overall this was an amazing experience and uplifting in a creative way. I am exhausted but in a good way. I hope that others who have gone had a similar experience and I cannot wait til next year!

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