Sunday Side Quest (#22)


This weekend I had the privilege of stepping back in time to the 1920’s while visiting a beautiful restaurant in Logan Utah known as the Bluebird. The doors opened in 1923 on 19th and main in the small town and have kept it’s doors open. Despite the nearly hundred years of business, the place still holds true to its original design.

Candy Bar

As you walk in you are greeted by a beautiful row of two separate bars. One on the left laden with dark woods and glass displaying their famous candies and treats for sale. On the right, a glistening white framed bar with gorgeous lights on the wall and the original soda fountain levers proudly on display.

Faounta Bar

Before you stands a beautiful set of wooden stairs leading upstairs and chandeliers that remind you of another time. We enjoyed a great meal with good food that was fairly priced and the service was wonderful.

Stairs Up

After we had filled ourselves with the array of dishes we made our way to the front only for the nice cashier to let me know that if I wanted to, I could go and take a peek upstairs at the ballroom above. It was beautiful, with gorgeous lighting fixtures, walls decorated in an old-fashioned way and a place to dine or celebrate spanning the length of the whole restaurant.


Overall the experience was amazing and I’d recommend the place to anyone even if its just to pick up some great candies, check out their great building or partake of their food.

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