Making New Friends in Writing

conferenceFitting in is a lifelong trial and error process that all of us must go through from child to adult. Like minded individuals that can put up with our quirks or ooze appreciation over our mutual interest are a lot harder to come by as you grow. As writers and general geeky type people, that same burden of attempting to find our place within a similar group of people has been hard.

When you grow up, your locations and opportunities for meeting new people become limited to your job or frequented locations where you are considered a ‘regular’. Without the constant line up of school, after school activities, part time jobs, forced play dates and other scheduled socialization once offered up by our parents, we are forced to find ways to branch out. Jei and I have been attempting to do just that lately.

While we have been very lucky to have landed a couple awesome friends through some past association, we have been having less luck finding a set of writers to associate outside of the internet folk. (Not that you all aren’t awesome!) So, after a conversation about being frustrated by the lack of knowing where to find fellow writers, Jei went on the hunt and found the League of Utah Writer’s and their Chapters. Alongside this discovery, he also found an upcoming conference where they offer the first day free and include a plethora of workshops, panels and programs that we can attend together at the beginning of October.

With the conference to look forward to and a large number of people who share our interest, Jei can’t wait to get involved and get to know other writers face to face in our new found home. While I know it sounds daunting to some of you, I’d suggest doing the same in your area. You’d be surprised how many associations, groups and get togethers you can find in your state, city or otherwise. As a community, I believe we should always try to stick together, work together to push forward and make our craft better. So go out there and find your own groups, your own conference and make some friends!

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