Sunday Side Quest (#21)

midnight texas nbc

It is no secret that I love some urban fantasy in my mix of reading. In fact, the great series of the Dresden files and others like it sparked the inspiration for our current manuscript. Recently as we were perusing through Hulu we saw a new series called Midnight Texas. After my sister said that she had heard good things about its pilot we decided to turn it on and give it a whirl.

After six weeks of watching episode after episode, we have fallen in love with the characters. Manfred, the main character that drives us straight into a twisted up past as a con man and medium on the run.  Bobo, the hick with the heart of gold. Fiji, the quirky and shy but powerful witch. Olivia a freelance assassin that has found love in the local vampire Lemuel who has given up the taste of blood. Last but not least, there’s Joe the fallen angel, Reverend the were creature and Creek the girl next door that somehow captures the medium’s heart.

Midnight Texas - Season Pilot

While I’m not one to go on and on and give away spoilers, I will say that both of us have really enjoyed the story thus far but it’s more than that. The world that they have created and the way that they have infused both the current world and the fantastic world of magic and supernatural has drawn us in and hooked us both. The way they have created the characters is unlike a lot of other series we have enjoyed in the past, and thus far has kept us interested in finding out what happens next to them.

The series is adapted from a book series of the same name, and while we haven’t read them yet, you can bet that they’ve been added to the reading list for future reading.  Both Jei and I look forward to seeing if the series manages to keep the legs it’s developed so far and can go the distance when so many other shows seem to falter and never really get off the ground.  Only time will tell.

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