Month: September 2017

Writing realistic relationships is always a challenge. Back in February, I took a stab at helping other writers by posting a blog about how to write realistic relationships. It was a pretty successful post and has led to some interesting conversations between myself and some friends concerning the topic. During one of those many conversations, […]

  Recently during the awesome weekend that was filled with the Salt Lake City Comic Con, Jei and I took the time to go to a panel that was labeled Breaking in as a Writer: NY Times Bestselling Authors & the Years it Takes to be an Overnight Success. It had David Farland, Jody Lynn […]

This weekend I got to enjoy my first ever Comic Con in Salt Lake City. From Thursday afternoon to Saturday night I got to experience the people watching, the celebrity spotting and the giddy feeling of meeting a few authors I admire. It was an absolute blast. One of the greatest things I got to […]

Another example of our flash fiction, this time Jei has written a wonderful short story imagined in the wintery mountains of a far-off land. Please enjoy!     He woke as the sun started to paint the first pale hues of gray pre-dawn light across the sky and lay upon the futon for several minutes, […]

This weekend I had the privilege of stepping back in time to the 1920’s while visiting a beautiful restaurant in Logan Utah known as the Bluebird. The doors opened in 1923 on 19th and main in the small town and have kept it’s doors open. Despite the nearly hundred years of business, the place still holds […]

Our lives are a series of experiences wrapped up into the package that is our personality. Reactions, quirks, favorites, dislikes, all of these are an abundance of multiple minute moments from the beginning of our life to the end that defines who and how we are as a person. For a character, this is no […]

Fitting in is a lifelong trial and error process that all of us must go through from child to adult. Like minded individuals that can put up with our quirks or ooze appreciation over our mutual interest are a lot harder to come by as you grow. As writers and general geeky type people, that […]