Sunday Side Quest (#18)

Jei and I were born over five years apart. Yea yea, he’s robbing the cradle or something. But no rule out there says you have to marry someone your own age! The fun thing that happens sometimes due to our difference in age is the exposure to a different childhood culture. A lot of the television shows or movies that came out when I was too young to remember them were the exact things that Jei got to enjoy as a kid. It has led to some really interesting conversations and experiences of some great movies I missed out on.

Last Dragon

The first one he attempted to expose me to I sadly fell asleep to. But I do remember a lot of the hilarious and horrible classic The Last Dragon. This movie was so horrible it is considered great. One of those overacted and incredible 80’s type movies. I will honestly say that I was mostly confused but it held a lot of silly memories for Jei.


He has had better luck with some of the others he has shown me. Some of the most memorable for me are; Usual Suspects, The Three Amigos, Lucky#Slevin, Snatch, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Hudson Hawke. The lineup of movies he considers classics of his time growing up has been like new cinema to me. If I had to pick a new favorite it would have to be Usual Suspects or Lucky#Slevin. Both were genius and mind twisting.

Usual Suspects

Jei has said to me whenever he gets me to fall in love with or even remotely enjoy some of the movies he grew up loving, it makes him excited to see them again. Of course, in turn, I have done my best to expose him to musicals and some of the odd things I grew up with. Surprisingly that has led him to agree to go to the Shakespeare festival with me here at the end of August/Beginning of September. I have a feeling that I’ll have the same elation as I expose him to some of the things I grew up with.

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