Three Years Ago…

Laptop to Laptop

It’s always interesting to look back at the events in your life and consider the changes they have caused or how your life would be different if they hadn’t happened. Three years ago today, Jei and I sat down and started our original manuscript for what we call the Twin Worlds. It was this collaborative story and the characters within that led us to strike up a relationship beyond our standing friendship and push ourselves as writers.

It seems like yesterday when we were sitting on Skype chatting about how frustrated we were that there were no co-op or MMO games for us to play together. It was during the summer dry spell that sometimes happens when the games released are less than entertaining or the expansions that come out do nothing to tantalize the former players. With the lack of a game or source of a fan art infused co-writing opportunity we decided to discuss starting on a new story.

A few days of ideas were tossed around and discussions as to the genre, characters and plot were briefly outlined. While I may be the organizational freak out of the two of us, at that time I was still relatively new to the Urban Fantasy genre. Due to the lack of understanding when it came to the rules of an urban fantasy world, I asked Jei to start us off and help guide us as I devoured similar published works to try and get my head around it.

Like classic Jei, he churned out nearly four pages of an introduction. While I can admit it now to him, back then I took his long posts as a silent challenge and would try my best to match him in kind with the minimum of a page typed in return. While it was not always the case when we were exchanging dialogue, the theme of half a page to a page or more between us after every response became the norm.

For two months straight we went back and forth, waxing and waning on our responses depending on our level of responsibility or schedule. When we finally decided to hang it up and turn focus to something else, it was a whopping 748 emails between the both of us.

Every time when we crack open the new version of the manuscript and start to work, we both can’t help but think about how far it has come in such a short time. We both look back at those original emails fondly from time to time and quietly thank heaven for our mutual love of writing.

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