Month: August 2017

For the past few months, my life has been a series of changes, ups and downs and a lot of what ifs. With so much of this roller coaster of living back home near my family and attempting to find peace with a lot of unanswered questions or worries about my past, I have allowed […]

So it’s been a while since I’ve shared a childhood memory or story. While I’ve mentioned them here or there in different posts, I have not focused on one particular one for a while. Well, today is that day. The other night while sitting around talking to my family we were recalling some of the […]

Jei and I were born over five years apart. Yea yea, he’s robbing the cradle or something. But no rule out there says you have to marry someone your own age! The fun thing that happens sometimes due to our difference in age is the exposure to a different childhood culture. A lot of the […]

Most parents go through dozens if not hundreds of names before settling on the perfect name for their little one. This method is no different than the painstaking process that writers go through when attempting to pick or invent a name for anything in their story. From attempting to make sure it fits a character’s […]

Creativity comes from a multitude of sources. It can be from an image to a dream or a discussion you had with a random stranger or friend. Ideas spawn and from them, we as writers tend to grab on and ride the wave through our written word. At the end of the day when we […]

I have taken on a lot of topics when it comes to my Sunday Side Quests. From the goofy stories of my life to minor opinions on things that have happened to me. I have even dipped into the sweet and gushy side. What I tend to stay away from are very serious and close […]

  The birth of communication across vast distances and the ability to become self-informed of near any topic you desire is both a blessing and a curse to a creative writer. Back in the day a writer could stretch the limits of a readers imagination and make far-fetched statements about things that were either not […]