Monday Monthly Mop-up


Welcome to Monday Monthly Mop-up where we take a quick moment to look back on the last month’s highlights and give you a sneak peek into what is to come. This mop-up will include both June & July

June & July Highlights

  • Sy & Silent Jei broke 275 followers
  • Most Popular June Post: A Writer’s Blind Spot
  • Most Popular July Post: Devils’ in the Details
  • Most Popular June Tweet: The brief sensation of flying was curious, while he felt like he’d been here before, it was the sudden stop that brought regret.
  • Most Popular July Tweet: Sleep, it seemed to just be within her grasp when a sudden jerk of her blankets woke her. Her eyes sprung open. Nothing.

Over the past two months, 16 blog posts have been made

  1. Inspiration on Wheels – A look at our unlikely inspiration source.
  2. Sunday Side Quest #10 – A story about our move from east to west.
  3. A Writer’s Blind Spot – A look at how as writers we can lose ourselves in style.
  4. Sunday Side Quest #11 – Happy Father’s Day!
  5. Our Evolution – Looking at how our writing tone changed and a reboot of our story.
  6. Sunday Side Quest #12 – Sunburns and summer
  7. The Jigsaw Method of Writing – Talking about piecing together story elements.
  8. Sunday Side Quest #13 – Finding good food in our new town
  9. Devil’s in the Details – Sometimes details are our undoing
  10. Sunday Side Quest #15 – Accents and my own take on them.
  11. No Small Parts – The importance of our minor characters in our manuscript
  12. Over-Stimulating the Senses – A topic about overdoing it in descriptions
  13. Sunday Side Quest #16 – Horizon Zero Dawn, video game review and awesome art!
  14. Too Much of Us – Our mistake of putting too much of ourselves into past characters.
  15. Sunday Side Quest #17 – Sy’s dedication to Jei’s romantic silliness.

To Our Readers

  • Our posting schedule has resumed the original schedule and is posted here.
  • There are two book reviews coming up.
  • We have cleaned up the topics to only consist of four.
    • Main Story Quest
    • Topics to Talk About
    • Sunday Side Quest
    • Reviews & Rambles
  • After some bumps and bruises getting used to the new living arrangements, we have back dated a lot of our posts and hope to get things back on track.

Next Month

We hope to touch on topics such as realistic limitations, naming characters, setting the mood in stories, writing rules to your world and many others. If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed or a revisit/expansion on a previous post please hit us up either in the comments below or through the contact form here.

Thank you to…

A big thank you to all of those that subscribe to this blog. Also, a thank you to those that participate in and support us on twitter.

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