Sunday Side Quest (#16)

I don’t understand romance. Okay scratch that.  I don’t get commercial romance. The flowers, the cards, the poetry and sappiness. To me I almost feel like someone just handed me their wet hanky and I somehow have to say thank you. Or even worse, I have to figure out how to reciprocate the overdone gesture of affection. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some people just adore that kind of thing but it never was my cup of tea. I can still recall a former guy friend of mine attempting to woo me with a flowery piece of paper covered in badly written poetry. Like the true blue clueless girl I was, I took a red pen to the thing and gave it back to him with suggestions as how he could make it better. He sure didn’t try that again.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the different nuances of what affection can be. Some people may love the commercialized mentality or the material items that can line their walls or the never-ending showering of green. I myself am more a woman of the immaterial. If a man can make me laugh, make me happy and take care of me even at my craziest? He’s won me over.

Perhaps that’s why Jei and I work so well. We became fast friends due to our joint love of writing and fantasy. We found a bond in the creativity that flowed from our minds and neither of us took things too seriously. Even before we decided to give the whole dating thing a go, we would spend hours talking and joking about the most random things. We loved each other’s company even before we fell in love with one another.

I think that’s what romance should be in my mind. Someone you love to hang out with, spend time with and is, in essence, your best friend. That is who Jei is to me. And while I know this post may embarrass him a tad bit, I think it’s important to say that without him, I would have been able to get through a lot of the trials and tribulations that have crossed my path.

So this one’s for you, my silly man. For keeping me happy, safe and sane.

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