Sunday Side Quest (#15)


Horizon Zero Dawn Review

It is no secret that I am a gamer girl. I mean come on, I met my husband while surfing the virtual world of killing pixels and telling epic stories. It’s in my blood! Though my tastes have changed over the years concerning which games I enjoy and which ones have become a bore, I still love spending time playing or watching my husband play a multitude of games. Most recently, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Now I know, I’m behind the masses in the way of reviewing or talking about this game. I mean, it was released back in February. But while the game has been out for 6 months and we’ve played it on and off since then, it still holds my interest. Without getting into too many spoilers, let me give you a quick overview of this awesome game.

In the far future, you have tribes of humans roaming the world attempting to make sense of what was and surviving alongside the wild machines that scatter the land. Your main character is Aloy, an outcast and a machine hunter looking for answers to her origin. As the story goes on you meet a bunch of great side characters, get an in depth look into the cultures that have developed and get to see some amazing landscapes. The story is amazing, the side quests are interesting and the gameplay is intelligent without being overcomplicated.

While I have NO intention of rambling on about this stat or that stat, I will simply say that I have found myself drawn back into the story multiple times and even enjoy the challenge of learning how to survive in the open world area that the game offers.

And now to convince the crap out of you to just give this awesome game a go, here are some slick screenshots taken in game while I was playing.



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