Sunday Side Quest (#14)

One of the most fascinating things about having lived in a multitude of states and traveling as often as I do is the span of accents that I have come across. From the southern drawl to the eastern angry and the western dislike of the use of the letter T, it is always interesting to see how different each culture develops their vocabulary.

When I was very young my family moved from the east coast to the mid-west. Being the fish out of water that I was I had assumed that my speech impediment was just, in fact, an accent that my peers just couldn’t understand. I can remember proclaiming it proudly to a teacher who had been attempting to point out that the word I was pronouncing was said with a K not a T. (Just imagine me saying kitty cat)


(Picture by chromeknickers from DeviantArt)


Of course, I grew out of the impediment with the help of speech therapy and my families patience with me, but I believe because of this struggle and the need to adapt I learned how to unconsciously parrot any verbal accent around me.

This unfortunate side effect has led to my own accent becoming a hodge-podge of the locations I had lived in for any length of time. I would find myself living in the south and allowing myself to drawl out my words despite that I had just transplanted from northern Minnesota.

I have come to the conclusion that I should just call my accent my own and laugh silently as strangers attempt to derive exactly where I am from. I swear I could make a bundle at a carnival!

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