Sunday Side Quest (#13)

Whenever we move we leave behind our favorite restaurants. We often find ourselves craving the smell, texture and taste of all the great dishes that no one else seems to be able to replicate. If Jei and I had to pinpoint one of the most dreaded things about moving across the country was, it would be the struggle to find places to call our own little slices of food heaven.


To our luck, we have had some great recommendations and the power of google reviews on our side. Just this weekend we took a chance and tried a place called Jinya’s Ramen Bar in the Salt Lake City area. On the outside, it looked like a glorified worn out old coffee shop with a tin roof and not a lot of hope left. But inside, the smell of authentic Japanese ingredients drew us in. While the place is far from a large booming restaurant, it had the best ramen we’d ever had. And that’s coming from our explorations in multiple states (we love to travel).  

A few of the other places we left behind were a great deli sandwich place called East Bay Deli and a great sushi place called Zen Asian Fusion both in the Charleston, SC place. And who can forget the southern staple known as Waffle House? All three have been sorely missed until we stumbled upon their close equivalents.

A local place called Village Baker is both a bakery and sandwich shop. To our surprise, after my sister suggested we try it, it was even BETTER than the place we left behind. And if you ever visit there, I swear you have to try their cakes. It’s heaven on a plate.

Next up to challenge our pallet was a great sushi place. We have somehow found two! Thanks to my mother’s love of sushi and our crazy desire to try random restaurants we found Happy Sumo and Hanabi. Both serve great sushi at reasonable prices and have given us hope.

Last but not least, my sister recently dragged us to a small restaurant called Waffle Love. Apparently, it is a very localized food truck type food that established them enough to open a permanent residence. The food was simple but delicious. Hands down the best waffle I’ve ever eaten.

So if you are looking to travel or move, don’t give up hope. Just poke around and don’t be shy to try new places. Google reviews are amazing and so are the locals. They really know where to go. And who knows, you might find a new favorite.

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