Month: July 2017

Welcome to Monday Monthly Mop-up where we take a quick moment to look back on the last month’s highlights and give you a sneak peek into what is to come. This mop-up will include both June & July June & July Highlights Sy & Silent Jei broke 275 followers Most Popular June Post: A Writer’s […]

I don’t understand romance. Okay scratch that.  I don’t get commercial romance. The flowers, the cards, the poetry and sappiness. To me I almost feel like someone just handed me their wet hanky and I somehow have to say thank you. Or even worse, I have to figure out how to reciprocate the overdone gesture […]

    Writing ourselves into a story is as natural as daydreaming about the make believe worlds we discover from books, movies and TV shows. I’m sure many of us have thought about what it would be like to know the main characters or live in a world that is full of magic or technology […]

Horizon Zero Dawn Review It is no secret that I am a gamer girl. I mean come on, I met my husband while surfing the virtual world of killing pixels and telling epic stories. It’s in my blood! Though my tastes have changed over the years concerning which games I enjoy and which ones have […]

    We all have that one friend that loves to tell you their great adventures in painstaking detail. They drone on and on about every minor detail as if it makes some kind of impact on your senses. It takes them minutes, sometimes hours to get to their point and when they do they […]

Recently, during the revamp of our manuscript, we found ourselves creating both background and minor characters that had not existed in the original.  They materialized naturally as we attempted to form the story, highlighting the interactions of our major characters and the world they live in in a much more plausible way. Often born from […]

One of the most fascinating things about having lived in a multitude of states and traveling as often as I do is the span of accents that I have come across. From the southern drawl to the eastern angry and the western dislike of the use of the letter T, it is always interesting to […]