Our Evolution

Evolution of writer

In five years’ time, you will look back on your life now and take wonder at both your failures and achievements. As we trudge our way through life we find ourselves forced to adapt to the ever lurking chaos that sneaks its way into our best-laid plans.

Over the past few years since Jei and I started on this crazy journey together we have found ourselves changing in leaps and bounds. While our personal life has been the most affected, our writing style, voice and preferences have also morphed into something new.

While the revelation of our change is far from a negative development, it has occurred to us that it is, in fact, the crux of a problem we have been attempting to tackle for the past several months: our old writing and new writing refused to jive.

As we analyzed the differences between ourselves in both past and present we found that the gap was too far to bridge without sacrificing one or the other for the sake of continuity. We had to find a middle ground.

With our lives settling down after the sudden upheaval that tore us away from our writing, we were able to take the time to discuss our options. We could simply edit down our original manuscript and take nothing of the new world building we had spent so much time developing or scrap the old manuscript in order to start fresh.

It was not an easy decision to make, as hours have gone into both portions of our potential books. But in the end, we made peace with the fact that our growth was worth more than the sentimental attachment to the original work.

Archiving the old manuscript we look forward to the challenge to tell a fresh story in the world that was so inspired by the collaboration of writing that brought us together as both writing and life partners.

This is our evolution.


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