Sunday Side Quest (#10)

From East to West

Life is unpredictable. One moment you are so sure about where you are going in life and the next you are staring down the barrel of one of the largest changes in your life. This is the definition of the sudden wham bam thank you ma’am kind of chaos Jei and I had to endure these past few months.

From the heartbreak of bitter and angry people naysaying us to the stress of trying to pack up a house, a car and a cat in under two months, our lives have been an utter roller coaster of emotion. When the day finally came to leave we could not wait to get on the road. So much so that we packed up and left a day earlier.

Five glorious days of travel and visiting were ahead of us. Our first stop? Mobile, Alabama. While I didn’t get any beautiful pictures due to our leaving so late in the day, we were happy to just lay our heads down and rest before we made the next day push towards San Antonio, Texas.

Morning came and we made our way towards the Bayou. Some of the most beautiful swamps you will ever see.


Then it was onto Texas! Driving friendly through the border towards our next big checkpoint: Houston


And here’s Houston. I am only showing you one picture, but man that city goes on FOREVER! Big and beautiful Texas type city.

20170531_154536 (2)

Finally, we made our way to San Antonio where we spent time with family for a couple nights. It was a much-needed reprieve. Being around our loved ones revived our determination and on the morning of the second, we were off. Now to drive to El Paso! A Beautiful drive of nothing but open roads and some gorgeous mesas. One of my favorites was this large Mesa that I wish we had had more time to stop and visit.


As we made our way into El Paso we were in aw at the city and the way you could see over the border so cleary into Mexico. It was a beautiful sight.


As we said goodbye to Texas we entered into the beautiful New Mexico. While it was a short jaunt we still got to take in the land around us.

20170602_164020 (2)

The short drive through New Mexico included being stopped by the border patrol. We have now seen in real life the truth about training a German Shepard to answer to German commands! (He had to sniff all the cars that passed. Didn’t dare take a picture of him)

After that we made our way into Arizona, determined to make our way into Phoenix to stay for the night. This was the beautiful sunset we drove into.


Our last leg of the journey was from Phoenix, up through the back roads and over to Las Vegas then north to Utah! Sadly I was doing the majority of the driving and can’t seem to find the pictures Jei took. But I can tell you that if you ever have the chance to drive across the west you will find some of the most beautiful mountains.

Overall, Jei and I love road trips and are very happy to have found a new home!


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