Inspiration on Wheels

Picture by Gayle Nicholson


13,587 Miles in the past three years. That is how many miles we have traveled together in our four-wheeled sanctuary. We have gone east, west, north and south to see both the sites and our loved ones.

There is nothing like being stuck in the car for hours on end with the open road and your best friend by your side. But like with all road trips, no matter how many books, electronics or other fidget-worthy items we bring with, it always comes back to either a nap or chatting. I can’t tell you how many games or topics we bounce through to try and keep each other awake.

But one of my favorite things about our road trips is the fact that they tend to be a catalyst for our creativity. In those hours of passing road signs, beautiful landscapes and the parade of trucks, we find ourselves weaving tales from our imaginations.

I can recall many times when I would be sitting in the passenger seat with my pen and notebook in hand, scribbling down all of the random thoughts we were tossing back and forth. Of course, the bumpy ride would always result in the worst handwriting I was capable of, but it was worth it.

When we would finally stop for the night I would quickly attempt to interpret my own personal hieroglyphics and add them to the semi-coherent thoughts we had gathered from the last leg of our journey.

Throughout our time of traversing across the country, we have filled over two notebooks and have added a multitude of content to both our current manuscript and some other writing projects. To this day it still amazes me how well the open road opens our minds.



Where do you find your own writing sanctuary? Why does it work for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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