Monday Monthly Mop-up


We’re back! Absolutely thrilled to finally be settling into our new living arrangments and finding our footing again. To those of you who have stuck around, thank you so much for your continued support. I have taken the time to go through the received emails and requests about topics and I am hoping that I can get to all of them as we continue on our journey of Sy & Jei’s writing adventures.

March-May Highlights

  • Sy & Jei broke 200 followers
  • Most Popular Post: Sy & Jei’s Five Writing Tips (#2)
  • Most Popular Tweet: “These people were little more than sheep, ever knowing if the sweet old lady or well-dressed lawyer were on the take.”

Over the past three months, 12 blog posts have been published

  1. Three Lessons Learned – A look at three items we learned in our rough draft writing.
  2. All Characters Must End – Sometimes it is important for characters to come to an end, we talk about this in this post.
  3. SSQ (#7) A Dedication – A rare emotional dedication to my dearly departed grandmother.
  4. Stuck in the Mold – A glimpse at the pressure of being unique as a writer.
  5. Love thy Villains – An appreciation for the evil in all of our imaginary characters.
  6. Sunday Side Quest (#8) – Road Trip! Up north and back again.
  7. From Beginning to End – Our attempt at finding a way to merge our viewpoints in story writing.
  8. Sy & Jei’s Five Writing Tips (#2) – Another 5 tips from Sy & Jei.
  9. Sunday Side Quest (#9) – Saint Patty Day stories!
  10. Falling off the Saddle – An attempt to take a very short hiatus due to life
  11. Finding Our Way Back – Failure to launch but an attempt to come back
  12. An Apology – An apology for going silent and a promised date of return

To Our Readers

This month we will be trying out a new schedule to make space for book reviews and allow us to explore topics outside of just tips and tricks. This is a temporary schedule that will become permanent if the reception is positive. Any feedback is welcome.  Let’s Talk About it Tuesday will be replacing Tools, Tips & Tricks and will be posted every other Tuesday. It will be posted opposite the week of the MSQ which will keep it’s Wednesday spot.

Next Month

With the change of our writing schedule, we will be hitting on topics like the importance of libraries, a creatives curse and a couple book reviews of new and old authors.

Any suggestions or books for review are welcome!

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