Month: June 2017

I adore jigsaw puzzles. There is something so satisfying about putting together all those unique little pieces into a cohesive image. Like most puzzle solvers, I tend to stick to the method of finding the border pieces first before attempting any kind of center images. Jei, on the other hand, has a habit of finding […]

The First Days of Summer in the Sun Now, most people who know me would say that I am a more indoorsy type person. After several years of living in a northern state with very short days and not a lot of sunlight 9 months out of the year, I had forgotten the need for […]

In five years’ time, you will look back on your life now and take wonder at both your failures and achievements. As we trudge our way through life we find ourselves forced to adapt to the ever lurking chaos that sneaks its way into our best-laid plans. Over the past few years since Jei and […]

I want to be short and sweet today and thank all of the father figures in my life for their support and love. I have some great memories of each and every one of them. From my great step dad to my loving father and my older brother who spent a lot of his time […]

Imagine for a moment that you are asked to give a review to a fellow writer. The binder full of printed paper sits upon your lap, a notebook beside you slowly filling with notes and questions as you flip through each new page. You love the story, but suddenly a page introduces a rift in continuity […]

From East to West Life is unpredictable. One moment you are so sure about where you are going in life and the next you are staring down the barrel of one of the largest changes in your life. This is the definition of the sudden wham bam thank you ma’am kind of chaos Jei and […]

  13,587 Miles in the past three years. That is how many miles we have traveled together in our four-wheeled sanctuary. We have gone east, west, north and south to see both the sites and our loved ones. There is nothing like being stuck in the car for hours on end with the open road […]