Finding Our Way Back


Good habits are easy to break and harder to make. They are the structure of order that nearly all of us attempt to emulate one time or another in our lives. Without habits and ritual, we seem to lose our step, flounder in chaos or for the select few, ride the wave of unpredictability. Such a profound building block of the day to day function is a constant battle for us all. We are faced with the choice every day, to keep up with the good habit or let ourselves fall away from the commitment. That is what this past month has been for Jei and I. We fell off that saddle for sure and both the blog and a little bit of the sanity I have suffered for it.

It’s the littlest thing that swung me back from the anguished and unsure floating down the river of life beaten by inconvenience and chaos. Strewn about my household I keep multitudes of notebooks. While I’d love to say that it’s strategic, it’s more just a matter of my love for the ring bound pieces of white to scribble sketches or notes across. In the middle of a very chaotic day working from home, I stole away a few minutes to head downstairs and make myself a cup of caffeine to keep myself going. As I was sitting there staring at the pot taking it’s sweet time to fill, I noticed one of my notebooks sticking out from under the pile of mail left on the upper counter. With nothing else to do, I plucked it out and flipped through the scribbles within. The reminder of my love of notes brought a smile to my face.

That one little notebook reminded me of how this all started and why I loved writing so much. I couldn’t help but find motivation in the fact that even during my busy schedule I would scribble the random creative thoughts that sprung to mind. I recalled all of the little sayings that gave encouragement to those that find their lives too busy or overwhelming to devote hours at a time to their writing. I found a surge of pride in what I had accomplished thus far and I found that despite that it may not come flowing out as quickly as I’d like it to, I was still very capable of creative and wonderful things.

So now we have a strategy and we have a game plan. We are jumping back on that horse and getting ourselves back into the habit that we both found shattered after tragedy and stress. We will write when we can, review our old notes, make new ones and hopefully by this time next month, we’ll have our good habit back in place.

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