Falling off the Saddle

Stand by from Fall Out

Life gets in the way. As you grow older and I guess, wiser, you start to learn that stuff happens that you have absolutely no control over. You could have the best-laid plans and the sudden contact with life itself will send it straight into the garbage.

I want to offer an apology to those that keep up with my blog and our writing. We will hopefully return to our regular schedule of posts by next week. With the sudden illness followed by the death of my grandmother, the road trip up north to the funeral and the consequence of the workload left behind, chaos has been the name of the game in our life the past few weeks.

In the beginning, when I learned of my grandmother’s illness, I felt a stirring of emotional inspiration. Not that it helped our book any, but it gave me an outlet to write the dedication and mourn her possible loss even before the news came of her passing less than a week later. Jei, ever supportive and rational, didn’t push me to work on our manuscript. Which, looking back, I deeply appreciate.

As the trip came and the family chaos ensued, I was lucky enough to have most of my posts already outlined and ready to go from our prior experiences. With two weeks worth of posts already prewritten and set up to post I thought I had breathing room and with the agreement of starting back up on the manuscript when we got back, I was sure we’d just slip right back into our routine.

Oh, boy was that a wrong assumption. Never, ever ever, try to get back in the saddle before you are mentally ready. Not that I want to encourage procrastination, but when you are dealing with something as life rocking as a death, be patient with yourself.

Jei has been incredibly patient with me, but of course, I am ever hard on myself. Pounding away mentally that I should be writing, I shouldn’t be blocked by this grief, I should be able to just let things flow. I mean, hell, I preach about it on my blog sometimes about pushing through roadblocks.

In some situations, you have to give yourself a freaking break. And that is exactly what I have decided to embrace this week. No writing schedule, no working on the novel, just trying to get back into my normal life, catching up on work and starting fresh and new next Monday.

Any of you who face down some bouts of chaos or upset in your life to know that it’s okay to take a breather, don’t beat yourself up, you need time to heal and come back once you are balanced once again.


This does mean that there will be no Friday or Sunday Post this week, but we’ll start up again next Wednesday. If you have any topic suggestions please don’t hesitate to add them to the comments or send us a message.

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