Sunday Side Quest (#9)

Photo by lego lover Chris Sheppard


Oh, Saint Patrick’s Day. The day that everyone is a little bit Irish and a little bit green. Either from the drink or from the clover somewhere on their clothes. Either way, it is a time to celebrate! I never really understood the significance of the holiday when I was a child. All I knew was that I had to wear green to avoid being pinched and that it meant my mother was going to make something sweet.

Irish Potatoes is what she called them. To anyone else that made little sense, but to me, it meant the coconut filled tiny little treats coated in cinnamon. They were the most delicious bright little potatoes that really did look like mini potatoes. I can still recall my mother packing them away into the old red and white Tupperware container with enough to feed my class. Boy, she made me the talk of the classroom. I can still remember counting the number in the box before sneaking one out before snack time. So long as the amount was over a number of kids in the room, I could sneak one off.

I decided when I moved away and started to work at a larger company that I would carry on my mother’s tradition, but in a different way. Instead of waiting for a potluck (very fitting right?) or any other get together, I would just bring a chilled Tupperware of the goodies to work and let my associates come and enjoy. Oh, what fun I had as I explained to them what they were. The amount of times they’d give me that confused, “I’m sorry, it’s a what?” kind of response was worth the labor. I swear the first year I gave away at least a dozen copies of the recipe. I was even given a silly “Baker of the office” reward that year from my group of trainees.

When I think of the Irish loving, drinking and crazy green holiday, I think of stealing little treats my mother gave me.

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