From Beginning to End


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Every story has a beginning, middle and end. From start to finish it is our responsibility as writers to carry a reader through the journey of our characters and bring them to a satisfying conclusion. While the concept itself sounds easy, the actual execution of that three-part narrative is incredibly difficult. Some of us find that beginning a story is easy but the end is hard, or perhaps some of us find the ending easy and the beginning hard. No matter the strength of section, every writer is obligated to create the other two in order to bring their story to completion.

I, myself, have found endings to be a difficult task. My original background in exploring character creation and execution crippled my sense of a need for an ending. Jei, on the other hand, has found a way to end a story with ease. It is the beginning he seems to struggle with. Again, we seem to sit upon the precipice of opposition when it comes to our writing methods.

During the process of rewriting our manuscript that we have now tentatively named the Twisted World series, we found ourselves struggling with the actual content to be put into our outline. While we had agreed to a very organic outline, a beginning, middle and end were still necessary. With our experiences varying when it came to the content of our individual stories, it became a discussion to try and sort out how we would begin or end our story properly.

To my luck, Jei was able to easily work with me in finding a suitable tentative beginning to our story. On the flip side, I started out as a real pill when it came to the ending of our books. While the discussion was eye-opening about the ending of a character, it still took a bit more finagling and conversation on his end to influence my perception of endings.

We all have our failings, and while I appreciate my experience in role-playing online, I found that the experience colored my opinion when it came to ending a story. The concept of bringing a character to a conclusion seemed so foreign to me after spending months developing the same character through a multitude of experiences. This skewed perspective held fast until Jei had me look at the difference in our experiences. When I compared the side-by-side pros and cons of continuing a character versus ending their story, I found that the largest con was falling into tropes and ruining a once great character, and the greatest pro was the absolute satisfaction I gained by giving them a happy or unhappy ending.

With this new found appreciation for the need to have a concrete ending in mind, we were able to begin the process of outlining the possible ending for our characters. While I know many may think that Jei and I having our opposites views must make the process overly complex, I would say that it forces both of us to grow as writers.


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