Sunday Side Quest (#8)


Cropped Richmond

Road Trip!

Sorry for the delay on this post. Jei and I made our way northeast to say goodbye to my grandmother in the proper way and attend to family. Of course, it is never fun to go anywhere for a funeral, but the fact that I got to see all of my family after nearly 10 years was great.

One of the other things that I do love about traveling is the fact that Jei and I enjoy our road trips. We absolutely love to drive everywhere. To give you an idea of how much we love our driving? I sat down and calculated how many hours we’ve driven these past two years and we are nearly at 200 hours. From north to south, south to west, west to north, south to north, we’ve gone everywhere!

Of course, there are quite a few stories that we’ve collected during our trips. We usually take turns, I usually drive in the morning and Jei takes over the night drive. We can usually do 7-10 hours a piece before we have to stop. Luckily for us, this time it was only a 10-hour drive.

We usually pack the car with our favorite world kitchen jerky (try it, you will love it), nuts, dried mangos and a huge load of water bottles (probably…a dozen or so) and then head out. We’re not really big on stopping too often if we have a schedule, but we will at times stop here and there to try some great food or see a landmark here and there.

Honestly, I think that road tripping with your family or loved ones is one of the best things. You get to spend time talking, see the great open road and try new things. While I’m happy we’re home, I’d kind of love just being in the car and driving through the country. I’d highly recommend it!

Promise we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posts here this next week. Thanks for hanging in there with us! Still, have some great posts coming up and Jei and I will be getting back to our writing.

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