Stuck in the Mold

One of a kind. Unique. These words describe what we all strive for when it comes to our art. In desperation, we attempt to create something brand new. Along with this deep-seated desire to invent something never seen before, we also fear the dreaded accusation of “copying” someone else’s work.

As Jei and I revisited building the world of our original manuscript, we found ourselves stumbling into that same dreaded hole of desire: wanting to be unique. To our detriment, we only allowed ourselves to create something that could not be found in the far reaches of the vast internet. Of course, with the number of stories, inventions or creatures out there in the world, we soon found ourselves spinning our wheels.

Discouraged, we took a break from the world building and I turned back to my socializing and research, only to stumble across a quote that hit home. “I think new writers are too worried about what has been said before. Sure it has, but not by you.” Realizing that Asha Dornfest had a great point, we sat back down to talk over the world again, but this time, with eyes wide open.

It would seem as if suddenly, unhindered by the hobble we had first put upon ourselves, the ideas began to flow. We began to churn out ideas and thoughts with little worry about what others had written before us. Instead, we found ourselves building upon our creations and found pleasure in reinventing the old classic ideas into something all our own.

In the end, it became incredibly important for the both of us to let go of our fears and embrace our rampant imagination.

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