SSQ (#7) A Dedication

This past week has been very hard for me and my family. We have had to say goodbye to one of our own. My grandmother passed away on the 1st. I had intended this post to be the usual fun or interesting side story but I have decided instead to dedicate this to a woman I loved dearly. 

It is said that a mother’s love knows no bounds. From the time a mother brings into the world the blessing of her own children, to the wonderful news of the birth of another great grandchild, her affection is eternal. My grandmother was a kind, loving and selfless woman who had enough room in her heart for all children, young and old.

While I believe no words could truly describe the tender love she bestowed upon all she encountered, I wish to impart some happy memories I have of the woman who raised my father and cared for me in some of my most troubled times.

The Magical Milkshake
From their cooking to their kisses, grandmothers have super powers. As any young child exposed to the mysterious magic of their grandparents’ kitchen, I was fascinated by the way she could churn out the yummiest sweets or the best-cooked meals. The most memorable of these treats was her famous chocolate milkshakes. There was nothing that could compare to the sweet taste and Silly Straw fun that came from poking holes in the ice cream drink.

It was a tradition of sorts. Whenever my brother or I would visit, she would pull down the legendary pink cup and fill it to the brim with the chocolatey goodness. Of course, the eldest got first pick, so I’d sometimes have to settle for a secondary color of cup whenever my brother and I were there together. No matter what held the perfectly made drink, we both enjoyed the fruits of my grandmother’s labor.

It wasn’t until I had come to live with my grandmother that I truly understood the genius of this delicious dessert. I can still recall standing in the kitchen as she showed me each ingredient. The amount of scribbling I was doing on my butterfly-shaped notepad became nearly illegible as I tried to study the exact method. I can still hear what she said to me when she had decided to let me in on the secret recipe. “I won’t always be here to make these for you, and I’d like your children to know what your grandma’s milkshake tasted like.”

I promise, Grandma. They will.


A Lifeline, A Book
Another beautiful memory I have of my grandmother comes from a time in my life when I was in need of the unconditional love and understanding that she offered. I made a plethora of mistakes that had led me down a road of isolation and loneliness. I had moved in with her and was struggling with the trials of becoming an adult. My grandma, bless her heart, reached out to me in a way that has defined me to this day. She offered me a book from her library.

To most, this would seem a simple and insignificant gesture, but to me it was a lifeline at an emotional time. I found peace and solace between the pages of the book she leant me. I found myself engulfed with the many titles, summaries and cover art of the books in her library. There were days when I would simply curl up in the nearby chair and read quietly while my loving grandmother would do the same.

Even as I packed to leave for my hometown once again, she gave me the lasting gift of my favorite books to take with me. I still sometimes smile whenever I crack the bindings open and see the little sticker that says “From the Library of” with her name below.

Thank you, Grandma, for the gift that keeps on giving.


While it is hard to say goodbye to one of the most loving people in my life, I know that she is somewhere as beautiful as she was. Though she is no longer able to sit beside us in this world, she will live on in the memories of those she has touched. Her smile, her love and her laughter will forever reverberate through the hearts of her loved ones.

So thank you, Grandma, for every sacrifice, for every moment and for every memory you have given me.


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