Month: March 2017

Good habits are easy to break and harder to make. They are the structure of order that nearly all of us attempt to emulate one time or another in our lives. Without habits and ritual, we seem to lose our step, flounder in chaos or for the select few, ride the wave of unpredictability. Such […]

Life gets in the way. As you grow older and I guess, wiser, you start to learn that stuff happens that you have absolutely no control over. You could have the best-laid plans and the sudden contact with life itself will send it straight into the garbage. I want to offer an apology to those […]

  Oh, Saint Patrick’s Day. The day that everyone is a little bit Irish and a little bit green. Either from the drink or from the clover somewhere on their clothes. Either way, it is a time to celebrate! I never really understood the significance of the holiday when I was a child. All I […]

    As promised, our monthly 5 tips for writing. Below are some of the things we have learned or taken away from our experience this month as we work on our manuscript. #1 Write more information about your characters than what the reader may ever see. Telling a good story doesn’t mean that you have […]

  Every story has a beginning, middle and end. From start to finish it is our responsibility as writers to carry a reader through the journey of our characters and bring them to a satisfying conclusion. While the concept itself sounds easy, the actual execution of that three-part narrative is incredibly difficult. Some of us […]

  Road Trip! Sorry for the delay on this post. Jei and I made our way northeast to say goodbye to my grandmother in the proper way and attend to family. Of course, it is never fun to go anywhere for a funeral, but the fact that I got to see all of my family […]

Love and hate are divided by the thinnest line. Perhaps that is why we can love to hate and hate to love the great villains of our favorite stories. So many narcissistic, evil or twisted men and women have drawn us into their snare, only to leave us with that deep appreciation for the well-portrayed […]